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Stock Exchange Abbreviations

Browse 1,985 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Stock Exchange terminology and jargon.

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$PCRDollar-weighted Put/Call RatioRate it:
$WPCRDollar-Weighted Put-Call ratioRate it:
10QReport on stock that businesses need to file with the Federal GovernmentRate it:
2BVStock symbol for Brightcove Inc. (Frankfort Stock Exchange)Rate it:
50KAccounting AuditRate it:
AAAgainst ActualsRate it:
AAFAsset Allocation FundRate it:
AANGApple,Amazon,Netflix and GoogleRate it:
AAOEAbort All Open ExchangesRate it:
AAPAsset Allocation PlanRate it:
AAPPAverage All-Pig PriceRate it:
AARLAsset Allocation Related LiabilityRate it:
AASEAustralian Associated Stock ExchangeRate it:
ABAktiebolag (Swedish, =Stock company)Rate it:
ABIAssociazione Bancaria Italiana (Association of Italian Bankers)Rate it:
ABIAutomated Broker InterfaceRate it:
ABIPAsset Based Income ProgramRate it:
ABSAsset-Backed SecurityRate it:
ABSAutomated Bond SystemRate it:
ABSAsset Backed SecuritiesRate it:
ABSCAsset Backed Securities CorporationRate it:
ACCESSAmerican-Canadian Connection for Efficient Securities SettlementRate it:
ACCESSAmerican Computerized Commodity Exchange System And ServicesRate it:
ACEAIBD (Association of International Bonds Dealers), Cedel, EuroclearRate it:
ACESAdvanced Computerized Execution ServiceRate it:

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