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Browse 9,424 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Software terminology and jargon.

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!logical NOT, NegationRate it:
#!ShebangRate it:
+Logical OR, disjunctionRate it:
/DivisionRate it:
0A3OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Activaton 3.0Rate it:
10GBTen GigabytesRate it:
1GLFirst Generation Language (Machine Language)Rate it:
1TBSOne True Brace StyleRate it:
2000version 5.0 of Microsoft WindowsRate it:
2GLSecond Generation Language (Assembly Language)Rate it:
3DAThree-Dimensional ArrayRate it:
3GLThird Generation LanguageRate it:
3GPPThird Generation Partnership ProjectRate it:
3PPThird Party PublishingRate it:
3PSWThird Party SoftwareRate it:
3SSun Smart SolutionsRate it:
5GLFifth-Generation LanguageRate it:
95version 4.0 of Microsoft WindowsRate it:
98version 4.1 of Microsoft WindowsRate it:
AAgilianceRate it:
A-BUGAdSonar - Bulk Upload GatewayRate it:
A/CAcceptance CriteriaRate it:
AAAAutomated Atlantis AssistantsRate it:
AACAdvanced Audio CodingRate it:
AACAdvanced Audio CompressionRate it:

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