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Ocean Science Abbreviations

Browse 3,609 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Ocean Science terminology and jargon.

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4DDAFour-Dimensional Data AssimilationRate it:
A&PAnalysis and PredictionRate it:
A/OGCMCoupled Atmosphere/Ocean General Circulation ModelRate it:
AAAssistant AdministratorRate it:
AAAGAtlantic Arc Aquaculture GroupRate it:
AAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceRate it:
AABWAntArctic Bottom WaterRate it:
AAIWAntArctic Intermediate WaterRate it:
AAMAtmospheric Angular MomentumRate it:
AAOEAirborne Antarctic Ozone ExperimentRate it:
AAOTAcqua Alta Oceanographic TowerRate it:
AAPBAerobic Anoxyenic Phototrophic BacteriaRate it:
AARCArctic Antarctic Research CenterRate it:
AARIArctic and Antarctic Research InstituteRate it:
AARSAutomated Aircraft Reporting SystemRate it:
AASAmerican Astrophysical SocietyRate it:
AASAdvanced Automation SystemRate it:
AASEAirborne Arctic Stratospheric ExpeditionRate it:
AASRAnnual Aquaculture Statistical ReportRate it:
ABAsymmetric BalanceRate it:
ABISSAutomated Benthic Image Scaling SystemRate it:
ABLAtmospheric Boundary LayerRate it:
ABLEAtmospheric Boundary Layer ExperimentRate it:
ABLEArctic Boundary Layer ExpeditionRate it:
ABMNAquatic Biodiversity Monitoring NetworkRate it:

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