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Browse 439 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Latin terminology and jargon.

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&cet cetera (Latin)Rate it:
A.I.Ad Interim (in the meantime)Rate it:
AASActa Apostolica SedisRate it:
AASFAnnales Academiae Scientiarum FennicaeRate it:
ACHAnno Concordia HumanusRate it:
ACIAccusativus Cum InfinitivumRate it:
ACNAnte Christum NatumRate it:
ACTAARCHHUNGActa Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum HungaricaeRate it:
ADAmici DignitatisRate it:
ADAnno Domini : 'in the year of our Lord'Rate it:
ADAnno DominiRate it:
ADA Dato (from date)Rate it:
ADAnte Diem (before the day)Rate it:
AD INFAd Infinitum (to infinity)Rate it:
AD INTAd Interim (meanwhile)Rate it:
AD LIBAd LibitumRate it:
ad rempertinent; relevantRate it:
AD VALAd Valorem (according to value)Rate it:
ADAAnno Domini AquariiRate it:
AEAd ElectronusRate it:
AEGAd Eundem GradumRate it:
AEIOUAustriae Est Imperare Orbi UniversoRate it:
AETAetatis (about the age of ....)Rate it:
AFQAb Falsum QuodlibetRate it:
AGAnnus GatesisRate it:

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