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Language Codes (3 Letters) Abbreviations

Browse 693 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Language Codes (3 Letters) terminology and jargon.

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AARAfarRate it:
ABKAbkhazianRate it:
ACEAchineseRate it:
ACHAcoliRate it:
ADAAdangmeRate it:
AFAAfro-Asiatic (Other)Rate it:
AFHAfrihiliRate it:
AFRAfrikaansRate it:
AKAAkanRate it:
AKKAkkadianRate it:
ALAAlaskaRate it:
ALBAlbanianRate it:
ALEAleutRate it:
ALGAlgonquian LanguagesRate it:
AMHAmharicRate it:
AMZAmazoniaRate it:
ANGOld English (ca. 450-1100)Rate it:
ANTAntarcticRate it:
APAApache LanguagesRate it:
ARAArabicRate it:
ARCAramaicRate it:
ARCArcticRate it:
ARMArmenianRate it:
ARNAraucanianRate it:
ARPArapahoRate it:

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