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Java Abbreviations

Browse 332 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Java terminology and jargon.

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AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript And XMLTheRate it:
AJPApache Java ProtocolRate it:
ALUArthematic and Logic UnitRate it:
ANJIAnother NEAT Java ImplementationRate it:
ASPActive Server PageRate it:
BAJABuilding Automation Java ArchitectureRate it:
BRJCBamboo REST Java ClientRate it:
CJNCCentral Java Nursing CenterRate it:
CMSConcurrent Mark SweepRate it:
DAJDistributed Algorithms in JavaRate it:
DCOMDistributed Component Object ModelRate it:
DOGMADistributed Object Group Metacomputing ArchitectureRate it:
EJCEmbedded Java ControllerRate it:
EJMLEfficient Java Matrix LibraryRate it:
FFJForte For JavaRate it:
FREJFuzzy Regular Expressions for JavaRate it:
GIJGNU Interpreter for JavaRate it:
GJTGiant Java TreeRate it:
GREPGlobally search for a Regular Expression and PrintRate it:
HBJHtml Business for JavaRate it:
HtaccessHyperText AccessRate it:
HTTPHyperText Transfer ProtocolRate it:
IIFEImmediately-Invoked Function ExpressionsRate it:
IJPiCalendar javascript parserRate it:
IJPIntroduction to Java ProgrammingRate it:

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