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Browse 3,480 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Hardware terminology and jargon.

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!logical NOT, NegationRate it:
+Logical OR, disjunctionRate it:
1080P1080 lines, Progressive scanRate it:
1080p1080 PixelsRate it:
286Intel 80286 MicroprocessorRate it:
2PDTTwo-Pole Double-ThrowRate it:
2S2DDouble-Sided Double-DensityRate it:
386Intel 80386 MicroprocessorRate it:
3DAThree Dimensional ArchitectureRate it:
3DAThree Dimension ArrayRate it:
3DDDI3-Dimensional Device Dependent InterfaceRate it:
3DRAMThree-Dimensional Random Access MemoryRate it:
3DSThree-dimensional Dual ScreensRate it:
486INTEL 80486 MicroprocessorRate it:
4GT4 GigaByte (RAM) TuningRate it:
586Intel PENTIUM ProcessorRate it:
Aform A (normally open) contactsRate it:
A-DAnalog to DigitalRate it:
A/DAnalog-to-Digital converterRate it:
AAAMD AssuredRate it:
AAAMD Athlon processorRate it:
AAAAdequation Algorithm ArchitectureRate it:
AAAAdvanced Accelerator ApplicationsRate it:
AAAAlgorithm Architecture AdequationRate it:
AACApple Audio CODECRate it:

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