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Browse 2,223 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Gaming terminology and jargon.

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10MTen manRate it:
10P10 PlayerRate it:
19Zero handRate it:
1D5One Five Sided DieRate it:
1DBBOne Day Beta BattleRate it:
1H1LOne Hour One LifeRate it:
1v1One Versus One (Battle)Rate it:
2B2T2 Builders 2 ToolsRate it:
2D4Two Die FourRate it:
2DS2 Dimensional ScreensRate it:
2HOL2 Hours One LifeRate it:
2v2Two Versus Two (Battle)Rate it:
34UFree For YouRate it:
3DOGThe Three Days of GettysburgRate it:
3EThird Echelon OrganizationRate it:
3EThird EchelonRate it:
3J23 John 2Rate it:
3PSThird Person ShooterRate it:
40KWarhammer 40,000Rate it:
4EFourth EchelonRate it:
4FC4 Friends + ChrilleeRate it:
4P1W4 Pics 1 WordRate it:
5GLFifth-Generation LanguageRate it:
AAnnihilationRate it:
A&AAxis & AlliesRate it:

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