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British Medicine Abbreviations

Browse 10,613 acronyms and abbreviations related to the British Medicine terminology and jargon.

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#FractureRate it:
2WWtwo weeks waitingRate it:
6MWTSix Minute Walk TestRate it:
AAcetumRate it:
AActinRate it:
AActinomycesRate it:
AAdenosineRate it:
Aadmittance ElectricityRate it:
AAdrenalineRate it:
AAdriamycinRate it:
AAdults & CommunitiesRate it:
AAkineticRate it:
AAlanineRate it:
AAlcoholRate it:
AAlleleRate it:
AAllergyRate it:
Aalternating currentRate it:
Aalveolar gasRate it:
AAnimalRate it:
AAnionRate it:
Aanoxia/reoxygenationRate it:
AAnteriorRate it:
Aantinuclear antibody (ANA is more commonly used)Rate it:
Aapical/radialRate it:
AAreaRate it:

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