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ASCII Character Codes Abbreviations

Browse 133 acronyms and abbreviations related to the ASCII Character Codes terminology and jargon.

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000NUL (Null Character)Rate it:
001SOH (Start Of Header)Rate it:
002STX (Start of Text)Rate it:
003ETX (End of Text)Rate it:
004End of TransmissionRate it:
005ENQ (ENQuiry)Rate it:
006ACK (ACKnowledgment)Rate it:
007BEL (Bell)Rate it:
008BS (BackSpace)Rate it:
009HT (Horizontal Tab)Rate it:
010LF (Line Feed)Rate it:
011VT ( Vertical Tab)Rate it:
012FF ( Form Feed)Rate it:
013CR ( Carriage Return)Rate it:
014SO ( Shift Out)Rate it:
015SI ( Shift In)Rate it:
016DLE ( Data Link Escape)Rate it:
017DC1 ( XON) ( Device Control 1)Rate it:
018DC2 ( Device Control 2)Rate it:
019DC3 (Device Control 3) (XOFF)Rate it:
020DC4 ( Device Control 4)Rate it:
021NAK ( Negative Acknowledgement)Rate it:
022SYN ( Synchronous Idle)Rate it:
023End of Transmission BlockRate it:
024CAN ( Cancel)Rate it:

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